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(361) 777-1897
203 Lang Rd
Portland, TX 78374-2629
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(361) 777-1897

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written: 1 Review
My advice to ANYONE, and I've given this advice before and will say it again... NEVER rent from these people. They are crooks and liars. The other day I looked up "Piece of trash" in the dictionary and the logo of New Wave properties showed up. They are liars and crooks; the most dirty business people I've ever seen. Rick Rios is the owner, but he's a coward whose never shown his face to me nor would take my phone calls. Fred Rich is one of the people in charge. The guy is dumber than a door nail; complete inbred who thinks the square root of four = rainbows. I know of three people I've personally warned not to rent from them and to those who didn't heed my warning... are now in a bad spot. For the sake of your wallet and your sanity, don't even both with these people. Everything they say is a lie.